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Since 1988 we have assisted thousands of Australians with their residential and commercial loans.

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'AAA' Mortgages are experts in credit advice. We have worked with thousands of Home, Business and Commercial Property Owners since opening doors in 1988.

We have settled over $3.42 billion in loans since our commencement in 1988, with 2022 being our 34th year in business.


Our Managing Director John Macalyk has been a finance broker for over 35 years. He is a pioneer of the Mortgage Broking industry with MFAA Number at #00005

We are driven to ensure you achieve the outcome you need. 'AAA' Mortgages has excellent relationships with over 80 lenders including banks, investment funds and private lenders.


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Commercial Mortgages

Best Product Guaranteed

At 'AAA' Mortgages you'll have one contact person who represents your interests to over 80 Australian Commercial Mortgage Lenders.

Some options include:

* Rates from 1.87% over BBSW

* LVR to 85%

Terms up to 25 years.

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Private Loans & Non- Bank Funding

A Bank Is Not Always The Solution.

Who Can Use Private Funds?

Any individual or registered company.

Contact us to look into a private loan if you:

Need urgent funding

Have an ATO debt

Need to Refinance an existing caveat loan

Be developing and need to complete a project

Are credit impaired

Equity Release - Reverse Mortgages

Explore Your Options

Use the equity in your home and live in your home for as long as you wish, continuing to enjoy the benefits of your community, social network, and family memories.

You also benefit from any potential increase in the property value.

No Upfront Fees

No Valuation Cost

No Establishment Fee

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Service and Experience

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Save money by receiving the best financing terms available.


Our service caters towards getting our clients the best terms available on the market.


We have a 99% success rate. We reply to all queries via phone and/or email 7 days a week within 20 minutes.

Five Star Service

Hear From Our Clients

Darren Tye

I have used AAA for several re-finances and am always impressed by how responsive and professional they are. They are great at 'making things happen' and other players in the industry seem like amateurs in comparison.


Excellent communication and advice. With Ollie's attention to detail and industry knowledge we were able to achieve the desired outcome smoothly and stress free. 

Sandi Duffy

John and the team were great to deal with. The customer service and regular updates were fantastic! I would highly recommend AAA Mortgages to my friends and family.

Business as Usual 

While many aspects of our lives have changed in the face of COVID19, 'AAA' Mortgages is still at full operating capacity. We understand that in this time of great economic uncertainty you'll need our guidance more than ever - so we're extending our services to WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype to maintain "face-to-face" contact. Email us to get in touch.