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Hi, This is Ollie Lum – I Am The Home Loan Specialist at ‘AAA’ Home Mortgages. Thanks for visiting. Please take thirty seconds to review what we do and it could save you thousands and get you what you are searching for. 

What Our Clients Say About Us                                                                          

“Couldn’t thank Ollie more for the time and effort he went too to secure us our loan. Went above and beyond what was expected and would recommend his services to everyone.”  Nick Tolley and Skye Boswell- New Purchase 

“Ollie and the team were great to deal with. Ollie’s customer service and regular updates were fantastic! I would highly recommend AAA Mortgages to my friends and family.” Sandi and Scott Duffy – Refinance and Construction Loan 

“Very professional team to deal with, providing great advice and ensuring that I was comfortable and they understood everything I needed to during the purchase of our first home and our first dealings with home loans. Would highly recommend!” Shaun Walker – First Home Buyer 

“Great service from Ollie. Locked at a great rate. Will use them in the future.” Stuart Van Giessen – Refinance part fixed part variable.                          

What we do 

We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for you. That may be the best variable or fixed rate available, the ability to maximise your borrowing power for an additional investment or a clean refinance with cash out to spend as you wish and improve on your current loan. 

We do construction and with our commercial background, we have many solutions outside the square. 

Current Highlights in the market 

Variable home loans with full offset from 3.59%, fixed rates from 3.69% 

Investment loans from 3.69% 

Interest only loans from 3.99% 

Home Owners – Do I have a say in interest only? Why is it all so different now!? – rates from 3.59% 

The rules have changed. Home owners now can demand a very attractive rate of 3.59% for principal and interest. This is a simple clean easy refinance with a top tier lender and offset account. Where it gets more interesting is if you wish to access some funds out for some renovations or a future investment or continue to pay interest only, when you approach this territory that terrific 3.59% can start to look as high as 5.77%! 

Many of our clients are coming off very good fixed interest only rates on their home loan and are finding out that there is a hard landing at the end of the fixed term with the lenders putting pressure on to switch to principal and interest by charging a higher rate at the end of the term. To avoid being caught in the headlights at the end of your fixed term, contact us as early as possible so we can make this landing softer or switch you to a more competitive interest-only option. If you are on anything over 3.79% variable principal and interest, please contact us immediately. 

First Home Buyers – To deposit or not to deposit? – rates from 3.59% 

We have news for all of you first home buyers out there! The prices have come off the boil, investors have been stalled somewhat, overseas interest has all but stopped in many apartment markets and the outlook is finally fairly rosy. 

The key point for our first home buyer clients is less about borrowing power and more about the deposit. Many lenders are now requiring buyers to have at least 12% of the total purchase price to be able to qualify for a loan, on top of this they like at least 5% to be from your own saving. 

At ‘AAA’ we keep our secret first home buyer allies with us who are happy to lend you 95% of the purchase price plus the lender’s mortgage insurance. Never underestimate this insurance charge… it can turn what you believe to be your 10% deposit towards a purchase quickly into 6-7% and therefore remove many options for lending for your first dream home. Let us guide you here and get you your approval so you can purchase your first home with confidence.

Line of Credit IS BACK! 

A 30-year line of credit INTEREST ONLY on your home or investment – How does that sound? We have a new to market product to fill the hole that St George has left. Rates are market leading and you pay no interest for 30 years. 

This is a deal from the past that will make your fortune last and grow! 

Are You Busy? 

Let us be your eyes, ears, legs, pen and keyboard. For instant answers to your questions at all hours please text or call 0422 164 377, email, Ollie@aaamortgages.com.au alternatively you can come into our office at Level 1, 50 York St Sydney or call the office on 02 9299 1144. 

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