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‘AAA’ is a big supporter of small businesses and self employed individuals in Australia, and we are here to help you reach all of your financial goals. 

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Empowering SMEs Through Finance

What we can do for you

AAA Mortgages' top mortgage brokers specialise in finding flexible residential and commercial borrowing solutions for self employed clients. Our expert mortgage brokers have experience getting home loans for business owners as well as commercial loans for self employed individuals and will work hard to understand your situation and find the best product for you.

Self employed home loans (investment or owner occupied)
Commercial loans for business owners
Loan solutions for debt impairement, self-employed borrowers
Lo doc loan options
Access to non-bank lenders
Debt consolidation for business owners
Let us crunch the numbers and explore how you might be able to consolidate debt, and increase business cash flow!
Finance for all kinds of businesses
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We have worked with all kinds of businesses to consolidate tax debt and improve their cash flow. 
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Medical Businesses
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With over 30 years of experience, we've seen it all. Our experts offer tailored advice, taking into account your business and personal goals and needs. 
Lo Doc Loans
Flexible Loan Solutions
Get a loan with less documentation: BAS, accountant letters, less than 2 years financials

As a self-employed person you may have heard of “lo doc loans”, where lenders look at a different set of financial measures to assess your application. They are becoming less common due to responsible lending requirements, which call for your lender to be sure you can comfortably handle your loan repayments.

The lo doc route can be helpful for a business that’s fairly new and doesn’t have two years of financials to show.

Less documentation may mean showing your BAS (Business Activity Statements) instead of your full financials. And it may require the support of your accountant. 

Let the 'AAA' team of specialists work with you to get you the results you need.

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