The AAA Process

From our 30 years of experience in finance, we've dealt with a range of clients with diverse needs, and perfected the loan process to make it as seamless as possible. 


Meet & Greet

Meet with one of experts face-to-face, online or on the phone so we can get an idea of your goals and current financial situation. 


Assessment & Application

We'll put our heads down and come up with a customised approach to your finances. Your assessment will be completed in 1 working day, rates and fees will be provided. 


Loan Settlement

Once your loan has been settled we'll continue to provide aftercare. If refinancing looks like a good option we'll let you know to make sure your loan suits you for the whole term. 

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1. Meet and Greet

The first step in the AAA process is to have chat with one of our experts. In this preliminary meeting, we'll ask about your financial goals, and your current financial situation. We'll need to know things like your salary, weekly/monthly expenses as well as any assets and liabilities you may have. You'll be with the same person throughout the whole loan process from start to finish.

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2. Assessment and Application

Once we've got your information, a loan assessment will be conducted to see what products will suit your situation. This is usually completed by us within one working day - then we'll get back to your with what kind of rates and fees you might expect to pay. Overall, we'll give you some options with different financers but advise you as to the best option. 

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3. Loan Settlement and Aftercare

Once you're loan is settled you'll start an exciting new chapter with your new property. However, our service doesn't stop at settlement. We provide aftercare for your loan; this means we keep an eye on it throughout the term and will notify you if any maintenance or refinance opportunities arise. This is where we truly go the extra mile for our clients. 

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