What's Your Home Loan Flavour?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

A post from our Home Loan Specialist, Ollie Lum Mob: 0422 164 377.

Well it’s nearly the festive season and the question of flavour came up at the 'AAA' head office this week. 

Did you know that Lenders Have Flavour?

Qudos (Qantas Credit Union) continue to lend on huge blocks of land in the country (rural locations) as their pilots used to buy them so they could land their private planes there...

Bank Australia (with strong links to the C.S.I.R.O) has market leading environmental schemes and is committed to running its business entirely on renewables by 2020.

ING Direct, Members Equity Bank and Others have excellent Interest Only Options, some under 4%. These can include Cash out to 80% LVR no questions asked... Grow your wealth by investing in your own property or securing an investment opportunity.

We strive to keep our relationships with key lenders and the majors close especially when something changes unexpectedly.

Getting back to flavour one could be forgiven for comparing the banks to restaurants- our relationships with them can change over the years and even run full circle.

Your favourite local place has changed hands and they no longer do those tacos how you loved them... The guy who served your coffee how you like has moved on... do you leave?

Sometimes the new manager of your old favourite can reinvent the place for the better, often its not the case - but I digress...

Applying the restaurant / cafe analogy when thinking about lenders holds us in much better stead than say liking them like we like our sporting teams and heroes.

Putting faith into your sports team rightfully so fills us with emotion and gets us excited (and sometimes in my case irrational) however we can feel let down, even hurt, when our teams - and role models either perform badly or behave badly or both.. It's a much harder pill to swallow than a less than memorable meal.

Given the banks hold our money (and property titles) and with many changes looming - I believe it’s important to be heading to the restaurant that suits your flavour for the current times, it might be the McDonalds or CBA from your school days, or perhaps its time for the Vegan cleanse at Bank Australia?

Like they say, horses for courses and we may run the same course a few times in life at different times...

** disclaimer - Although John Macalyk, Our Managing Director does enjoy a restaurant review - we are not flatly saying one is better than the other - think of 'AAA' as your google review of the lenders - we give feedback - you choose how would like to dine..

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