Congratulations! AAA's Melissa Ashcroft Settles her First 9 Figure Deal

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Congratulations to our General Manager Melissa Ashcroft who settled her first nine-figure deal this week! The deal was highly complex and could only have been done by an expert broker such as Melissa. Her thorough understanding of the commercial loan space, as well as her commercial awareness in all sectors made her the ideal broker to get this deal through. All the while, Melissa was managing our whole team at AAA and family life.

She wrote a fitting reflection on this deal and we have shared it below:

I settled my first nine-figure deal today! ($000,000,000)

It was not an easy road, I had 29 no's before I got a maybe, then a yes followed by months of due diligence, valuations, approvals etc, and this was all before formal client engagement.

From what felt like a thousand rejections, I made the right connections and worked every day for almost a year (not kidding).

Challenges: *Covid 2020, *managing our brokerage business, relaunching our mortgage management business, *looking after all my clients, *managing full team of staff, *young baby, *baby with a major health scare, *Kids at home, then school, then not.

It felt like I would never get to this day, but today is the day and I did it... I actually cannot believe it.

I have learned to listen to my gut, if the business

feels right, stay with it.

I have learned to fully back my skills and ability, I drew on everything I have to ensure this would be a successful transaction.

I have learned it is not always about credit and lenders' policy but the people in front of them and I would shout out to all the people involved but need to ensure confidentiality for my clients.

I am grateful to my team John Macalyk, Ollie Lum, Louisa Sinclair

Jody, Richard, David, Jan, Andie, Jamion, our Admin team and our aggregator William Lockett and Blake Buchanan.

I am grateful to the funder, my clients, and mostly my family, who has put up with me constantly working and on phone calls when we could have been playing at the park with our family or spending quality time together.

But as I always say after a moment of reflection like this,

"Now it's onto the next!"


To get in touch with Melissa regarding complex commercial loan scenarios call 0400 468 660 or email

You can connect with Melissa on LinkedIn here.