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How do we do this? 

For over 30 years we have specialised in commercial property lending -including construction, and we understand while the best rate is important, it is not about the Interest Rate all the time in commercial borrowing. Terms and Fees make up important features of the best product for your commercial needs.

Relationships with the lender and a loan strategy that can mitigate problem areas are all important in packaging a commercial loan with the minimum of fuss.

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Commercial Loans can be for the purchase of a new property or for the refinance of an existing loan. All loans will fit into the following categories:

  • Investment – where you have a tenant who manages a commercial business.
  • Owner occupied- where you operate your business.
  • Specialised – using residential or other as security.

We can arrange finance for up to 85% LVR and have listed our current best products below.

Tip: The Higher the LVR the higher the rate.

We assist with cash out for business purposes too. This can help increase your cash flow and allow you to grow your business. See our Business Loans page. Click Here.


For loans less than $1 million.

  • To borrow up to 80% LVR- you need only your latest BAS statement- no financials, from 5.5% p.a.
  • To borrow up to 75% LVR, two years financials, from 4.94% p.a
  • To borrow up to 70% LVR using residential securities for loans under $1 million, we offer no valuation fee for 4.29%p.a. fixed for three years
  • To borrow up to 70% LVR, using residential securities and two years financials you can get 4.79% p.a.

For Loans between $1 million to $5 million:

  • We currently are able to provide a FULL REBATE OF YOUR VALUATION COST. (This can save your business between $750-$2000)
  • We can also obtain finance using your BAS and one other form of serviceability, bank trading statements. 
  • The effective rate to you is 4.4% p.a.

For Loans $5 million up to $100 million;

  • We can go to an 85% LVR, using the 90 Day Bank bill rate over bills. For non recourse (non personal guarantee required) loans of this size, our lenders predominantly prefer income producing properties.
  • Plus AAA have mandated by an overseas bank, who will only look at construction loans, residential or commercial where the gross realisation is greater than 80 million dollars.

List of Commercial Property types.

  • Industrial Factories/ Commercial entities
  • Factories/ Manufacturers/ Car Repairers
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Hotels/ Motels/ Pubs (Please note lenders will service loans more easily if you or your tenant have had more than two years experience.
  • Service Stations
  • Restaurants/ Bars/ Cafes / Fruit & Veg shops.
  • Retail Shops.


Client Feedback:

John and the AAA team did a terrific job for my commercial refinance. The whole process was surprisingly easy and I am now paying a great rate- Michael Davies Architect/ Business Owner, SYDNEY CBD 2000.” (June 2017)


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