Private Funding
What We Can Do

Bridging Loans short term financing for up to 12 months to a maximum 80% LVR

Development/Construction Finance up to 90% of LVR

Land Banking up to 70% LVR

Residual Stock for Developers up to 70% LVR

Rural Properties including Vineyards up to 60% LVR

No Doc or Low Doc Loans using property as security

Unsecured Loans

Who Can Use Private Funds?

Any individual or registered company. We have over 25 private lenders on our panel.


Each have different specialities:

  • Location (most are state based - we have funders in each State and Territory of Australia)

  • Property Type (Residential, Land, Construction, Residual Stock, Industrial, Commercial)

  • Financials (Low Doc or Full Doc)

  • LVR (Loan amount as a percentage of the value of the land)

What Are the Turn-Around Times?

There are fewer people involved in the Private Funding process than when you go through Bank Funders.

'AAA' have excellent relationships with Australia's BEST Private Funders. This means we can often obtain a letter of offer within the working day!

From application to settlement, the average turnaround, including valuation, is approximately 3 weeks.We can arrange short term finance in as little as 24 hours.

Private Funding Questions to Consider


1) How much do you require?

2) If a second mortgage is required, what is the existing loan amount for the first mortgage and who is the lender?

3) What is the security you are putting up and its actual address?

4) Do you have an indicative value on your property? (i.e. valuation/opinion/appraisal)

5) How long is the loan for? 

6) What is the purpose of the loan?

7) What is the exit strategy? 

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