Melissa's 2020 Client Highlight

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

This year has presented challenges for many of our clients; with the pandemic effecting everything from confidence, to financial security and the ability to get loans. When we asked our General Manager Melissa Ashcroft about her highlight for the year, she said there have been more than she expected.

She's worked on a variety of deals that have helped people in rural areas and small business owners, and put them in the best financial position during uncertain times. In the construction space, she conducted a construction finance of a small block of units in Double Bay NSW, from original land bank all the way through to construction with no pre-sales.

Melissa orchestrated a refinance of a commercial security in a rural area to enable the owner to remove his owner occupied security, and therefore he could own it unencumbered. She also conducted a large equity release ($800k) from residential security to enable business growth for an SME - equity releases and refinancing have been great tools this year to free up cash for individuals as well as SMEs.

Refinancing of SMSF debt was very helpful for one of our clients, it came from top four bank as they are not processing SMSF loans anymore. Melissa found a better rate solution which ultimately enabled the borrower to purchase another property in a new SMSF.

She was able to accomplish all of this while also tending to her general manager duties at AAA, which is a true testament to her skill and leadership. Way to go Melissa!

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