Apps to Boost your Finances

Micro-Investing: Raiz

Raiz (formerly known as 'Acorns') is a micro-investing app that invests your money in ETF's (exchange traded funds). Its best feature is the 'round up' tool; once you connect your primary spending account to Raiz it rounds up all of your purchases, and invests the spare change. So if you buy coffee everyday for $3.50, it'll be rounded up to $4.00, and 50 cents will go into your Raiz account. You can also set up a weekly or monthly transfer to increase the value of your account. The app also has a 'My Finance' feature that breaks down your spending so you're better able to see what you might want to cut back on.

Expense Tracking: Pocketbook

Pocketbook is another great app that helps you see where your money is going. Once you sync the app to your bank account, it organises your spending into categories and also features a calendar lay out so you can see when you're spending more. Some categories may not be featured in the app but you can also create your own.

Budgeting: Goodbudget

Goodbudget is an app that allows you to set up categories for your spending, and place spending limits in areas you're trying to save in. For instance, you can set monthly limits for groceries, shopping, dining etc; and this is all displayed in neat looking pie charts to help you see where your money is going and how much you're saving. Again, it links your bank accounts to the app so updates are instantaneous.