‘AAA’ Opening Doors Since 1988

‘AAA’ Mortgages is your one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Working for thousands of home and business owners for over 30 years, John Macalyk and his team have the expertise, experience and energy to get you the results you need.

Whether you be a first home owner, investor, business owner or developer, ‘AAA’ have access and strong relationships with over 100 bank and non-bank lenders which is unparalleled to other brokers in the industry.

We understand your needs and offer one point of contact. You can trust our know-how and advice on all your credit requirements.

Home Loans


At ‘AAA’ we can get you a great rate, saving you thousands each year. To start we have a  friendly phone call, or chat in person, and get to know your financial needs. Are you a first home owner? Investor? Looking to refinance?

We then discuss your loan particulars, and pending this, will ask for particular financial information, remember each lender has different requirements.

This might be a pay slip, tax return, bank statement, a letter from an accountant or employer.

We then scour our database and contact the lenders we think best suit your credit needs.

We submit your loan to them and wait 48 hours for an approval – unlike other brokers and often the big four banks, we have such good relationships with our lending panels that we can get approval quickly and get you into your home faster.