How we got our name 'AAA Mortgages'

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Saturday was World Story Telling Day! So we're sharing how we became ‘AAA Mortgages’ (It wasn’t so we could be first in the white pages, although, it was an added bonus).

Our Founder John Macalyk was working for a financial services company when he decided to go out on his own. His friend owned a real estate firm, so he became the finance arm for the company.

When loans were approved, he sent out notices on a letterhead that said 'Territorial Lease & Mortgage Service'. However, John wanted a name that was less of a mouthful and more reflective of the quality of his service.

All the loans he was doing were white paper products, and in his letters, it always said 'rest assured, your loan is AAA backed by Standard & Poor.’ An AAA rating is the highest that can be assigned by any issuer of debt, and it means the debt has a high level of creditworthiness.

For John, the name ‘AAA’ Mortgages meant reliability, trustworthiness and confidence in the products and services he was offering. It’s a name that has truly stood the test of time.

Every day we continue to deliver on the quality and integrity promised by our name, which allows us to proudly say we have lived up to the vision John had all those years ago.

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