Non Resident Home & Commercial Products

Did you know that ‘AAA’ Commercial Mortgages are one of a handful of originators in Australia with access to funds for non-residents?


Well, we are!

If you or you know of an investor looking to purchase in Australia ‘AAA’ has the way. Send us your particular needs and we will assess on a vase by case basis.

We like to keep it clean and simple.


  • Borrow up t0 70% of the purchase price
  • Rates from 6.95%p.a
  • Loans Up to $1 million
  • Establishment Fee 0.5%
  • Loan Term from 1- 30 Years with option for Interest Only 1-5 Years
  • Minimum Size > 40m2
  • Lender Fee $995
  • Residential Construction Available.

What you need:

  • Letter from Employer- no payslip required.
  • 6 months personal bank statements (To verify income)
  • Contract of sale.
  • Rental Appraisal letter.

Please note the rules and regulations regarding Non-resident Loans are always evolving. The above products are true and correct as at May 8th 2018, and are subject to change without notice.

To learn more, contact us, we can have a friendly chat- even arrange a translator.

We welcome Broker referrers for all our LOAN PRODUCTS. Kindly contact us and we will send you accreditation forms.

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