Asset Finance

‘AAA’ offers a range of asset finance solutions to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Such assets include but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing Motor Vehicles and Trucks
  • Manufacturing Equipment,
  • IT Equipment,
  • Forklifts
  • Any other equipment that helps your business earn an income.

Depending upon your cash flow and tax requirements, ‘AAA’ can offer the asset finance solution you’re looking for. We have access to over 20 different funders in this field and have a range of products From Full Doc to No Doc.

Products we offer:

  • Leasing
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Operating Lease
  • Rental

The best rates are for full-doc applications, meaning you must have 2 accounts (personal and business) completed.

Lo-doc loans can be obtained for new cars up to a maximum of $100,000 and for equipment up to $500,000.  You may not require financials for a lo-doc application but you will be required to be asset backed (secured) and have been in business for 2 years with clean credit.

Have A Pulse?- Great Car Rate…

We have a great rate for purchase or refinancing your car (business or personal) Minimum term 12 months and all you need is an ABN  It does not get much better than this!

If the below applies to you… Then CONTACT US

  • Companies and Self employed ABN / ACN holders only
  •  ABN / ACN must have been in place for a minimum of 12 months
  •  Motor vehicles up to $75K
  •  No financials required
  •  Customer must be asset backed (Home owner or Mortgagor) or
  •  20% Deposit & LTV < 100% or
  •  Vehicle to be no older than 12 yrs. end of term
  •  Income and expenditure details must be supplied
  •  Net outstandings (including this) must be < $200k.

We have lower rates:

  1. Business Owners 4.95% (You need tax return and BAS)
  2. Home Owners 4.95% (Using your property as security.)

Why are there so many different rates?

In a nutshell Asset Finance is dictated by:

  • The Age of the Asset (Is it a New car? The age affects the rate. Newer the better.
  • The type of asset
  • The cost of the asset
  • The type of borrower you are. (The more information/ documentation you provide, the better the rate.) i.e. business owenrs who provide BAS and Financial statements will get a lower rate than Low Doc loans.
  • Low Doc (less documentation loans) are great for new business owners and people starting out in their careers. Getting your foot in the DEBT door can show future lenders your ability to repay and make monthly payments.
  • See  Managing Directors John Macalyk video on ASSETS that APPRECIATE & DEPRECIATE. We know most cars will depreciate in value. (CLICK HERE)

Does your Business Need a New Trucks/Trailers/Earthmoving/Cranes/Lift Equip & Bus?

RATE 5.95% pa.

  • Key features:
  •  Companies / Self employed ABN holders only (Income and expenditure details must be supplied)
  •  ABN / ACN must have been in place for a minimum of 3 years
  •  Trucks and Trailers, Buses, Earthmoving & Agriculture equipment  up to $500K
  •  No financials required
  •  Must provide copy of last BAS statement & ATO portals & Rates Notice
  •  Maximum term 60 months
  •  Age of chattel to be no older than 8yrs end of term
  •  No private sales or irregular repayment structures
  •  Customer must be asset backed (Home owner or Mortgagor)


AAA Commercial is now Offering Equipment Rental Finance for Businesses.

 We are pleased to advise that AAA Commercial can now offer our clients Operating Leases/ Rental Agreements for the following types of equipment including, but not limited to: –

  • Computers and Software
  • Office Equipment, Copiers, Telephone Systems, Fax Machines
  • Communication systems
  • Medical and Dental Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment including Refrigeration systems, pizza ovens etc
  • Forklifts
  • Rural equipment, including Ride on Mowers, Pickers, Pruners etc.

Also known as an Operating Lease, the rental is best explained as “Paying for the use of equipment owned by someone else”, in this case, our funder.

Why would you rent equipment?

Renting rather than buying equipment outright is best for assets which depreciate rapidly and generally need replacing or upgrading at the end of the term.  Computers, Telephone Systems and most Office Equipment is well suited for Rental.

Your repayments are 100% tax deductible and you avoid being left with an obsolete piece of equipment. You can simply purchase, continue renting at discounted instalments, or hand the asset back at the end of the rental.

  • Term: 1-5 years
  • Minimum Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Amount: Up to $100,000 considered.
  • Rentals up to $55,000 can be considered without Tax Returns
  • Businesses need to be operating for a minimum 3 years

Please contact the team at AAA Commercial to discuss your business rental requirements.