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AAA Home Loans are the best in the market with excellent offset and cash out facilities

At ‘AAA’ –  We Know What We are Talking About…


‘AAA’ have been looking after Australian Residential owners for over 30 years and know all the ins and outs of Home & Investment Loan Market.

We look after our clients and have an excellent reputation within the Australian Financial Services industry.*


See our list of obligation free complimentary services below.

‘AAA’ have access to over 80 lenders nationally. (These consist of banks, investments funds and private lenders.)

Lenders are constantly changing their rates. Is now the time to fix your loan, or should you stay variable? We assess your unique financial position and provide you with free credit advice.

Did you know you can fix part of your loan and have the balance variable? Want to find out more? Click below on Get the Ball Rolling to arrange a suitable time for a no obligation phone call.

Do You Know if your home loan includes an Offset Facility you can reduce your monthly repayments? We explain how this works and know the lenders who have offset facilities free of charge.

The ‘AAA’ Team are perfectly positioned in the market with the know-how on how to get you the best product for your needs, we make the home owning process easy and give you the choices you may not think you have if your loan is currently with one of the big four banks. Or if it is, we can still assist to provide you options within your current loan.

Whether you be after the lowest rate or the product to suit your family/ business property, our 30 plus years experience and access to lenders will get you where you want to be.

Access to lenders is paramount, it means we are able to provide a service that works for you. Who wants to wait 2-3 weeks to hear back from their bank? Not us! We can also obtain speedy turnarounds in less than 2 days – does your bank currently do this for you? If you are tired of waiting and want to get quick, considered results contact us today. We know you are busy and can offer before/ after work hours, lunch time appointments, and Saturday mornings. Schedule an appointment by clicking on the Get the Ball Rolling tab below.

*Our current lowest home loan rate 3.69% pa. (Apply here),


First Home Owner? A good product for you:

No Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)  for loans up to 85% LVR, You do not need Genuine Savings. Metro areas only, no strata… Remember loans up to $650,000- Government endorsed FREE STAMP DUTY, reduced duty up to $850,000.

So, buying your first property for $650,000- you need a deposit of $97,500 (can be a gift from Mum & Dad), with FHOG get $10k back if new dwelling and do not pay stamp duty…No upfront fees and free valuation. Remember we offer a free service. Call us today to find out more…


Refinancing? Or is your current 3 or 5 year loan expiring soon? We have an excellent team of Home Loan Specialists ready to help determine the best product for you. We are all located in the same Sydney office and work collaboratively to ensure each client is looked after.


If there is one question we hear from all our clients, it is ‘How Much Can I Borrow?’ Our job is to ensure we find you the best product for your specific needs. Your Financial Needs are as Unique as Your Fingerprint.  The right answer is a product that has you and your family in a comfortable position, not in a financially stressful one.

Click on our Get the Ball Rolling Link NOW to schedule an appointment or utilise one of our complimentary services (and there’s never a catch).

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